Do I need a SIM in my phone?

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Do I need a SIM in my phone?

Peter Effeney

The short answer is NO - you do not need a SIM.

Some clubs have a batch of phones they loan to people who don't have a phone, or their battery is flat etc. They normally just buy inexpensive Android phones and don't put a SIM in them.

If you don't have a SIM in your phone:
- You need to select the event from the server whilst you are connected to Wifi. Then event is then available from your "Local Events" (until you decide to remove it). Do this at home before you leave for the event.

- To upload your results, you will need to be connected to Wifi. When you finish your run, depending on settings, your phone will try to do an automatic upload of results. This will fail if there is no data connection. But you can open your result and use the menu option (top-right) to "Upload (Manual)" when you are back online.

- Some clubs set up a little wifi hotspot to connect their loan phones to at the Assembly Area, or sometimes there is public wifi available.

- Whilst running, MapRunF (and the older MapRun) do not need data. Obviously if the event has "live tracking" turned on, there is no live tracking for phones that are not connected.

- The GPS in phones is typically Assisted-GPS, where the device uses cellular data to help get a fix. Getting an initial GPS-fix will take longer.