My run finished when I went to the Finish (F1)

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My run finished when I went to the Finish (F1)

Peter Effeney
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This is a question sometimes asked by new users of MapRun/MapRunF.

Short Answer: If you go to the finish during your run, the finish will punch and your run will be over.

Long Answer: MapRun is like SportsIdent or SIAir, you can punch any controls during your run, and then your run is evaluated at the end of the run to determine if it is a valid run. So MapRun will register a punch including the Finish. Course setters need to understand this and, particularly for a Finish in the middle of a map, with a scatter course, care must be taken to place the finish in a location where accidental punches are unlikely.

An earlier version of MapRun, asked the runner to confirm that they wanted to punch Finish. But we found that most runners do not look at messages on their phone during their run and so this prompt became ineffective.

For completeness, the punching algorithm is:
- Before punching S1, don't punch any other control
- Only punch F1 after S1 has been punched and at least one normal control has been punched. (This is how we enable co-located Start/Finish.
- Don't punch the same control as the most recently punched control. ie you can't punch the same control twice in succession.
- If the GPS accuracy is worse than 25m don't punch any controls (MapRunF)