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Garmin 245
MapRun App - Settings - Device
GPS Watch Mode      I used the Watch ID (1) shown on the watch under Settings - About.
Select Event then Send Event to my Garmin Watch
Success shown

Go into MapRun on watch and press Start button
Message "Startup....   Watch ID (2).  

The Watch ID (2) displayed does not match the ID (1) I used above.
Message then shows  "No events for this device. Send event to this watch id from MapRunF.  Start stop to continue"

Option to Retry or use Stored.
Retry   Shows the Watch ID (2)
Stored   Brings up the last used event.

Watch communicates with Garmin Connect fine.

Despite the above the watch seemed to record the punches around the course I tried to send!!!

Having now changed the GPS Watch Mode in MaprunF app from Watch ID(1) to Watch ID(2) the course was successfully downloaded to the watch.

It looks like the Watch ID(1) I got from the watch itself was not the one to use although I believe it was what I originally used.

I am puzzled why the setting is called GPS Watch Mode and not Watch ID? It seems confusing.