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Edit:  I've been adding features and have released a new version.  This version will allow for easy production of "flag" like outputs that can be laminated and used in the field.  This sample below includes both the QR code and a NFC laminated back to back.  The settings I used for this one allow two copies to be printed on one 8x11 with the second flipped (use a macro in Word).  Page was folded, trimmed, NFC inserted, laminated and string attached - we have 15 out in the field on a course to test.  The production of the images takes seconds - the rest- slightly more time!  I have not updated the PDF document but have added a second video to explain the new features.


For those that are producing QR Codes for MapRun, I’ve written a Windows app that might help out, especially if you do a bunch of codes for different events and/or need to customize each code.  Although there are a number of QR code generator online sites they do tend to be limited in functions or best suited for single codes.

The setup executable, a short video and even shorter PDF document are available in Google Drive at

Setup File Location Google Drive

(Note:  you need to download the setup and run from your computer)

Although the interface might look a bit complex, for those doing the standard type of codes for Maprun then all you need to do is add the save directory, a logo if desired and a list (range, comma delimited or mixture) of controls – and hit RUN.  Preview of results are available (not saved) by clicking the TEST button.
 From there, if desired, you can customize the label area (in three separate sections), add an extra line of text under the main frame, modify colours, line sizes, image sizes etc.  If you need different text on each image (perhaps a code that the user needs to record at each control) you can set up the basic parameters then use a simple CSV file to read in the labels for each control code and run this.  I won’t add any more use details here as it is available in the PDF or, better yet, the video.

Happy to get any bugs or feature requests here, just don’t expect rapid response to anything as this is very much a side project!

It is a Windows only app – sorry. Oh and you need .net 4.7 installed (which is fairly standard).  You may need to go through the multipole windows "are you sure" steps to install.
Output is PNG only – no SVG (although should not really matter).
Although there are some checks for configurations that will not work, these do not cover all situations so you can set up unusable results.  Also, make sure you test all output codes by checking if they scan properly.  You might crash the app (doubt it but won’t actually break anything).

Licence:  Free, As Is, for non-commercial use only.  I'll note that the Forum Admin has approved me posting this here.

Couple of screen shot examples from basic to more complex:

Main Screen Example 1

Main Screen Example 2
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Re: QRCode generator

Peter Effeney

Fantastic! Thanks for developing this and making it available to others.

I've added reference to it on the MapRun website: https://maprunners.weebly.com/tag-based-punching.html

Regards, Peter
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Re: QRCode generator

Anna Fichman
In reply to this post by MichaelRaz
Thank you, Michael!