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Start Anywhere problem

Justin farhall
Hi Peter

Today I ran a course in Chessington and had some odd results. It is setup as a Start Anywhere Score course but I did start at S1. My results show that one second later I punched F1 and then a control (56) which is presumably me registering again at S1?

All the controls logged OK but when I got back to the start/finish (both in the same location) it wouldn't stop my course and as you will see there are lots of subsequent punches of F1 and control 56. presumably it wouldn't stop the course as S1 had converted to a control?

I eventually came out of the app and as you will see the results show all the controls correctly but show my total time as 1 second.

Here is the link to the results.

Any ideas as to what I have done wrong?

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Re: Start Anywhere problem

Peter Effeney

Thanks for alerting me to this issue.... It's not a scenario I've seen before.

My analysis is that in this particular case S1 and F1 are not exactly co-located (and are actually in the middle of the road).

When you went to start at S1, it looks like with the SAW flag set, MapRunF found F1 instead of S1. I think this would only happen in cases where the two are close but not identical. I've not seen it before.

So F1 became your new S1 … as “you decided to start anywhere – that being F1”

So an S1 and an F1 are created at that point. (which is how Start Anywhere works)
The old S1 becomes the next highest control number ie 56.

However 56 is very close by and so it punched immediately after you new S1.

I'll enhance the Start Anywhere algorithm to handle this scenario.
A work-around is to ensure that organisers co-locate S1/F1 for Start Anywhere events.

I'll send you an email with more details.