Suggestion for the MapRunners Create KML Course Tool - Copy or Print Howto Instructions

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Suggestion for the MapRunners Create KML Course Tool - Copy or Print Howto Instructions

Lawrie Brown
Hi Peter, a small niggle. The text in the Howto Instructions on the MapRunners Create KML Course is not selectable (at least not in Firefox or Chrome on my MacBook). I'd really like to be able to copy it so I can drop in a file and print it, as I find having a printed copy really useful. So is it possible to make the text selectable. Or alternatively, point me to a web page with just those help instructions on it.

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Re: Suggestion for the MapRunners Create KML Course Tool - Copy or Print Howto Instructions

Peter Effeney
Sorry about that. Here is the text, and I'll make a change in the next version of the console.

This function allows you to create a course file in KML format for use in MapRun, either for a CheckSites Event or a published Event.
It is similar to QuickStart in the MapRun App, but it offers greater precision and additional features.
This function replaces the need to use Google Earth to create KML files.

The most common approach is to:
 1. Open the map file for your event (KMZ file) ... This is optional.
 2. Either start adding controls OR Open an existing KML file to be modified. See notes on using a PurplePen (PPEN) file below.
 3. Add controls with the KMZ map displayed (if you have opened a map file)
 4. Then make your map transparent so that you can position controls precisely using the underlying Satellite imagery.

Remember that the definitive position of where the MapRun App will find a control, is the position shown in the Satellite imagery.
Zoom in to position each control as accurately as possible. Consider using control locations that align with specific features that you can see in the Satellite imagery (if possible).
If you are placing controls on a street, you can drag the Street View Pegman onto the street to see the ground-level view. The control icon may be visible in the ground-level view (in a very approximate location), BUT the actual position (Lat, Lng) is as shown in the overhead view. The ground-level view can help identify features like streetlights, postboxes etc and help clarify features that are visible in the overhead view.
Actions available:
- Add a control - Right-click at a location on the map (Double-tap instead on a mobile device) and type in the control identifier (S1 for Start, F1 for Finish, or a control number eg 31 or 405)
- Move a control - Double-click on the control on the map (or Right-click and select "Move") to make the control change colour to show that it is draggable to a new location. You can also Double-click on the control in the list of controls. At the end of a drag-motion, controls return to their normal un-draggable state, or a single-click on a green control will make it un-draggable.
- Edit a control - Right-click on the control on the map (Single-tap on a mobile device) to show the menu, and select:
    -  Rename - to change the identifier of the control
    -  Move - to make the control draggable (This is the same as double-clicking on a control.)
    -  Delete - to remove the control completely. This is the same as swiping a control to the left or right in the "List of Controls".
- Change the order of the controls on the course:
    -  In the "List of Controls", long-click on the drag-handle beside the control identifier and drag the control up or down to change the order
    -  Note that:
        - The list is scrollable. Not all controls may be visible without scrolling up/down.
        - Swiping a control sideways, deletes that control.
 - Display Course Lines - Course lines can be switched on or off. This makes no difference to the contents of the KML file you save.
 - Be sure to save your course as a KML file before you leave this screen. Click the "Download Course (KML)" button. You can return to setting this course by opening the KML when you come back to this screen.
 PurplePen (PPEN) Files - BETA TESTING:
 - You can open a PPEN file directly, if you use the matching map (in KMZ format).
 - After opening the PPEN file, select the Start (S1) and drag it to the precise location and choose "Move All Controls"
 (You can select S1 easily by double-clicking on it in the list of controls in the side-panel)
 - You can open an IOF XML v3 for courses that have been set on a geo-ref'd map
 - You will be asked to choose one of the courses or "All Controls".